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Deposition Exhibits Outside The Box


Ditch boxes of paper deposition exhibits. With the eDepoze paperless deposition system, attorneys can mark, introduce and share exhibits electronically instead. Simply upload potential exhibits to our cloud-based repository, then introduce individual exhibits and deliver them instantly to those in the deposition room and participating remotely.

Attendees can view, annotate, and save their own copy of introduced documents. After the deposition, official exhibits are immediately available, stamped and logged. The eDepoze app is used for other post-eDiscovery litigation events as well like witness prep, mediation, arbitration, hearings and trials.


  • Electronic Exhibits at Depo Session

    • $300 per depo session.

    • $400 a month to have unlimited use. (Comes with a new iPad Pro.)

    • Enterprise accounts are for firms that want to have multiple attorneys have unlimited use for an entire year - price is negotiable. (Comes with a new iPad Pro.)

    Electronic Exhibits at Depo Session
  • Electronic Exhibits During Arbitration, Mediation, and Trial Events

    $500 for the length of any of these events for the taking attorney. (as opposed to being charged $300/per day)


  • Notice of Deposition

    This is an example of the verbiage to use in your Notice of Deposition saying you'll be using Electronic Exhibits. Same concept as letting opposing counsel know that you'll be using RealTime or Video etc. More »

    Notice of Deposition



  • Kai Stone
    Kai Stone

    National Account Manager
    eDepoze, LLC
    Los Angeles, California

  • Jeremy Lindahl
    Jeremy Lindahl

    Los Angeles, California

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