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Deposition Exhibits Outside The Box


Ditch binders and boxes of paper deposition documents. With the eDepoze system, attorneys can mark, introduce and share exhibits electronically instead. Simply upload potential exhibits to our cloud-based file manager, then introduce individual exhibits and deliver them instantly to those in the deposition room and participating remotely.

Attendees can view, annotate, and save their own copy of introduced documents. After the deposition, official exhibits are immediately available, stamped and logged. The eDepoze app is used for other post-eDiscovery litigation events as well like witness prep, mediation, arbitration, hearings and trials.

Legal technology has never been so easy to learn! Schedule a webinar demonstration and ongoing training for yourself and members of your firm, here.

*Prepay for 10 depositions and get a new iPad Pro. (Redeem it here.)


  • FREE Trial Session

    For a limitd time we'e offering a free session of eDepoze.

    You’ve seen a live demonstration, you’ve seen overview videos, you’ve seen our posts, and now here’s an opportunity to get your first session free! Fill out the form below to reserve your session. We’ll reply with a unique username and password, and a sample Notice of Deposition stating the use of electronic exhibits. Let us know when the deposition is scheduled and which court reporter you’re using, and we’ll reach out to them and get the location set-up. You can schedule a free demonstration and training of the software at your convenience, but we’ll also include step-by-step user guidess You’ll get the hang of eDepoze in just 20 minutes and be confident using it after a single role-play session with our Tech Support! We trust you'll enjoy this Free Trial and consider subscribing to unlimited use, or prepay for 10 sessions. You get a new iPa...
    More Information » edepoze.com/black-friday

    FREE Trial Session
  • Deposition Sessions

    • $300 per session

    • *$400/month for unlimited use and receive a new iPad Pro.

    Prepay for 10 depositions and get a new iPad Pro. [Click here to redeem.] *Our annual subscription includes unlimited use for depositions as well as witness prep, arbitration, mediation, hearings, and trials.

    Deposition Sessions
  • Witness Prep

    Provide your witness with private access to review documents online when getting ready to testify. Our Witness Prep module allows you to effectively collaborate with your witness on key documents together or remotely.

    $100 per event. *Our annual subscription includes unlimited use for this event as well as depositions, arbitration, mediation, and trial.

    Witness Prep
  • Arbitration & Mediation

    In arbitration, present and distribute exhibits to the entire panel and other participants. In mediation, present case documents and media when making your case to the mediator and other parties.

    $500 per entire event for the taking attorney. *Our annual subscription includes unlimited use for these event as well as depositions, witness prep, hearings, and trials.

    Arbitration & Mediation
  • Trials & Hearings

    In trial, present and distribute exhibits during opening statements, when examining witnesses or during closing arguments. In hearings, present exhibits and case law to the judge when arguing your motion.

    $500 per entire event. *Our annual subscription includes unlimited use for these events as well as depositions, witness prep, mediation, and arbitration.

    Trials & Hearings
  • Hardware & Services

    iPad $200 per day

    WiFi Hotspot $100 per day

    On-Site Session Support $500 Per Day

    *Annual subscribers get a discount.

    iPad and WiFi Hotspot services charge include device shipping and return and supply may be limited. Damaged or lost iPads are subject to a $500 replacement charge. Damaged Hotspot devices are subject to a $250 replacement charge. On-Site Session/Event Support not provided in all areas and based on availability.

    Hardware & Services

  • Notice of Deposition

    This is an example of the verbiage to use in your Notice of Deposition saying you'll be using Electronic Exhibits. Same concept as letting opposing counsel know that you'll be using RealTime or Video etc. More »

    Notice of Deposition
  • Data Security Spec Sheet

    Data security is a major concern these days for you and your client. Paper just can’t provide the same peace of mind that technology can. Once a document is printed from your secure document management database and released into the room, the security is compromised. The eDepoze software platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s premier cloud service providers and a trusted technology partner of international brands and government agencies. eDepoze utilizes eDiscovery-grade encryption, security, and privacy practices. More »

    Data Security Spec Sheet

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