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ExhibitView Solutions, LLC

Trial Presentation, PDF tools, Transcript & Synchronized Video Deposition editing Solutions


  • ExhibitView™

    ExhibitView™ is all new for 2018 Trial Presentation software. The most intuitive trial presentation software on the market. Organize and display every type of demonstrative evidence.

    A bit more:

    • Smart keyboard shortcuts let you move through exhibits and use tools quickly, CTRL+G (got to page), CTRL+H (highlight tool), and more.
    • Annotations can be moved. Create a yellow highlight and it’s not centered? Just click and move into place. True for all markups.
    • ALL High Definition video formats supported. Including High Definition Synchronized Video Depositions.
    • Cost: $699.00 complete, 1st year, then $149.00 per year. 2 installations.

    More Information » www.exhibitview.net/exhibitview-pc

  • TranscriptPro™

    TranscriptPro™ is transcript management software. We support ascii, PDF and Video Synch transcripts.  TranscriptPro™ has been upgraded to support High Definition Video for 2018.

    A bit more:

    • Synchronize and edit your own video depositions.
    • Organize and edit individual clips or a complete, edited deposition for courtroom playback. Make changes easily.
    • Print deposition summaries or editing designations.
    • Cost: $399.00 complete, 1st year, then $149.00 per year. 2 installations.

    More Information » www.exhibitview.net/transcriptpro

  • PDF+™

    PDF+ means you can apply exhibit stickers, bates numbers, bar codes to both PDF exhibits and Image exhibits.

    A bit more:

    • The only Legal software offering batch processing of file names.
    • Search and Redact for presentation. New export redacted for a more permanent redaction (safe for production)
    • Every task includes the option to apply stickers, numbers, etc., and export to a new folder keeping your originals clean.
    • Cost: $89.00 per year, up to 10 installations.

    More Information » www.exhibitview.net/pdf

  • iTrial™ Trial Presentation for the iPad

    iTrial™ is our newest Trial Presentation software for iPad. This app scores highest on user satisfaction. Organize your exhibits in the app or use our PC software to set up your case and export for iTrial™. These features, including exclusive features are just the beginning:

    • Collapsible Library -exclusive feature
    • Use FULL SCREEN for display of exhibits -exclusive feature
    • Add exhibits from nearly every web storage service
    • Mark exhibits “Admitted” to stay organized
    • Archive your cases and restore archived cases
    • Cost: $99.99 from the Apple App Store.

    More Information » www.exhibitview.net/itrial

    iTrial™ Trial Presentation for the iPa...
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