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A complete legal website in 15 minutes


Law Firms need to create a professional online presence. Your customers do their due diligence on you by “Googling” your name and your website has to make a good impression on the client. You can do that by doing these 3 simple things:

1. Get an izmoLaw website – We provide you with a well-designed website with professionally written content about your practice.

2. Google MyBusiness Registration – Go from being a “Balloon” on Google maps to being a proper listing. Be found instantly when someone searches for you. A simple process but with huge impact on your business. And we do it for you.

3. Escape the Bear Marketing – Be ahead of the competition and beat them to prospective clients. izmoLaw takes care of your online business.

izmoLaw websites are already built and ready to go – with professionally written content and clean, well designed pages. The websites are responsive which means that they work on any device and search engine friendly so you show up when clients search.

Our websites are pre-built, which means that you don’t spend hours on design and content creation, and we charge a low monthly fee so you don’t have high upfront costs.

Contact us now at www.izmolaw.com. 15 minutes is all it takes!


  • Attorney Websites

    As for why you should be considering a state-of-the-art website for your business, ask yourself:
    • Are potential customers not finding you online because you don’t have a website ?
    • If your legal practice does have a website, is it not displaying correctly on smartphones or tablets ?
    • Does your website not come up in the first few search results when potential customers are looking for your category of practice online ?
    If you’ve been relying solely on word-of-mouth or the phonebook to attract customers because your firm doesn’t have a website, or your website is out of date by today’s standards, chances are, you’ve literally been sending your customers to your competition.

    Don’t go another day without a mobile-optimized website for your practice. There is no faster, easier, or more effective way to get your business online than izmo.

    More Information » www.izmolaw.com/demo-sites-en-us.htm

  • Search Engine Optimization

    izmoLaw offers Search Engine Optimization Services to take action to outrun the competition and get the top position in search sites.

    We call it our "Escape the Bear" package.   The story is: Two hunters anger a bear in the woods and it starts chasing them. As the two run for their lives, one says, "It's hopeless, we can't outrun the bear!" The other replies, "I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!"

    More Information » www.izmolaw.com/search-engine-optimization-en-us.h...

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