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PerfectLaw® All-in-One Software

Vendor and Software Stability Since 1979

PerfectLaw® All-in-One Software

PerfectLaw® has led the legal industry for 30 years in innovative technology, streamlined installations, and responsive, quality support. PerfectLaw® is a complete, All-in-One®, fully integrated suite of products designed specifically for law firms and legal departments. The software provides attorneys and staff with the needed tools to streamline most law office functions from billing and accounting to case and document management. Since PerfectLaw® utilizes an industry standard Microsoft® SQL database, you can be sure that our software is based on technology that is industry recognized, awarded, and trusted.

PerfectLaw® was incorporated in 1979 when it began serving the South Florida legal community. Now, more than three decades later, PerfectLaw® continues to serve law firms and legal departments nationwide. The company’s stability is evident in its products, its people, and its management. Our focus is on maximizing attorney productivity and increasing your bottom line while not losing sight of customer satisfaction and leading edge technology.

Our clients return to us because we offer the best product with the latest technology at the best value and service available.


  • PerfectLaw - Paperless Workflow®

    Law firms are information-driven and successful firms learn to automate their information workflow, thereby affording themselves more time to focus on their core competency. Best business practices require electronic document delivery for greater accuracy, efficiency, and cost reduction. Paperless Workflow® fills this requirement better than any other product on the market today, handling everything including scanning and imaging, automated notifications, document profiling, routing, and emailing.

    More Information » www.perfectlaw.com/applications/front/paperless_wo...

  • PerfectLaw - BizRadar® Business Intelligence

    Today’s law firms want to use up-to-the-minute information to navigate the road ahead, rather than rely on the rearview mirror approach of reading stale reports. PerfectLaw BizRadar® provides the right mix of performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring billing, accounting and case management performance to evaluate if the firm is running smoothly or if there are outstanding issues requiring immediate attention. Check out BizRadar® today.

    More Information » www.perfectlaw.com/applications/back/bizradar.asp?...

  • PerfectLaw - AIM® Case Management

    Successful firms and attorneys use Attorney Information Manager (AIM®) to manage large case loads and communicate with clients in a timely fashion. Gather, store, organize and retrieve accurate information instantly with AIM®.

    AIM® combines powerful, reliable apps with Best Practices to manage many law office items, including:

    • Matters, cases & files
    • Documents
    • Dockets/calendars
    • Contacts
    • Notes
    • Forms
    • Scanning and imaging
    • Time, cost & expense recording

    More Information » www.perfectlaw.com/applications/front/aim.asp?src=...

  • PerfectLaw - Time and Billing

    PerfectLaw® Time & Billing is a full-featured billing system which offers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, several automatic time capturing features to ensure accurate tracking of daily activities, and the ability to request and apply trust and retainer funds. The cash receipts processor applies client payments at the timekeeper level, allowing for accurate, comprehensive attorney productivity reporting. And, with the added synergy only an All-in-One® system can provide, PerfectLaw® Time & Billing automatically creates time entries for front office workflow processes, profiles bills, allows users to work both on and offline, and much more.

    More Information » www.perfectlaw.com/applications/back/time_billing....


  • PerfectLaw® All-in-One Software
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