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Zola Creative

A One-Stop Digital Marketing Agency for the Legal Profession

Zola Creative

Zola Creative is a leading developer of high quality, comprehensive websites for law firms. Our goal is simple, we want to ensure that each and every one of our clients has a powerful online presence so they are retained, remembered and referred. To date, we have built effective websites for over 1000 law firms in 49 states, and have partnerships with major attorney organizations and bar associations throughout the country.

We were founded with the principle that no two firms are identical and no two websites should be either. Each site we develop has a unique design which is both elegant and sophisticated, and most importantly reflective of the practice it represents. We have a plethora of exclusive site tools, such as our Click to Call technology, Integrated Attorney Blogging, Newsletter Management System, Upcoming Events Feature and Consultation Request, which engage visitors and encourage interaction with the firm. Our Site Manager enables firms to log into their websites 24/7 to make any changes to the content such as adding or editing practice area content, attorney profiles, upcoming events or articles.

*As an ABA Buyer's Guide visitor you will receive 20% off of the setup fee of a custom website. Reach out to us at info@zolacreative.com or give us a call at 877.269.0076 to learn more. 


  • Powerful Attorney Websites

    To succeed in the digital age, every business needs to have a strong online presence. Law firms are no exception to that rule. Each year, millions of individuals turn to the web during the attorney selection process. It’s absolutely imperative that your law practice have a commanding website that resonates with visitors and propels them to action. At Zola Creative Media, legal marketing is all we do. We have specialized knowledge and tools which will help you develop a website to achieve your personalized goals, whether you want to attract new clients or build a reputation among colleagues within your area of practice.

    More Information » zolacreative.com/lawyer/Website-Design-for-Attorne...

    Powerful Attorney Websites
  • Newsletter Marketing for Attorneys

    Every day you come into contact with potential referral sources. How do you ensure that they remember you? Insight in Motion is a comprehensive legal newsletter and blog content publication and distribution system which fosters long-term connections with clients and colleagues to guarantee you’re kept in mind when business opportunities arise.

    More Information » insightinmotion.com

    Newsletter Marketing for Attorneys


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