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  • EffortlessBudget
    Effortless Legal

    EffortlessBudget syncs Clio with Serengeti (Legal Tracker) for real-time budgeting insights and alerts. You'll be notified when you're nearing budget and the "always on" technology continuously monitors your billing.

  • BillerAssist
    Effortless Legal

    BillerAssist automates your time entry and review process. BillerAssist takes the pain out of the time entry and review process. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, BillerAssist substantially reduces the amount of time and uncertainty involved in the billing review process. Just like carbon paper and typewriters, tedious billing review is now the old way of doing things.

  • LEDESAssist
    Effortless Legal

    LEDESAssist automates your UTBMS coding. LEDESAssist completely eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of UTBMS coding. Some firms have their administrative staff complete this work. Others have their lawyers and paralegals code their own time entries. There is no need for any of that any more. Just like carbon paper and typewriters, manual LEDES coding is now the old way of doing things.

  • BillerAssist LEDES Edition
    Effortless Legal

    BillerAssist LEDES Edition completely eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of UTBMS coding. BillerAssist LEDES Edition also substantially reduces the time and effort required to log time entries, and to review bills for submission to clients. Just like carbon paper and typewriters, manual LEDES coding and billing review are now the old ways of doing things.
    The faster, cheaper, and better way is BillerAssist LEDES Edition.

    BillerAssist LEDES Edition
  • Legistee
    Effortless Legal

    Many voice assistants listen all the time to everything you might be saying — even your confidential communications! Legistee keeps everything confidential and secure. Our process uses popular automated speech recognition services, such as those offered by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

  • LEDESConvert
    Effortless Legal

    With LEDESConvert, you can easily converts invoices from one LEDES format to another. The process is smooth and easy allowing you save time and money.

  • EffortlessIntake
    Effortless Legal

    EffortlessIntake automates your client intake process. It includes automatic conflict checks, and sample intake questionnaires to make the task simple, efficient and tailored to meet your needs.

  • GroupFund Legal
    Effortless Legal

    GroupFund Legal is crowdfunding for lawyers. You'll have the ability to raise funds in a way that is confidential, private and secure.

    GroupFund Legal
  • Accelerate eDiscovery & Control Costs

    Try the power of Nextpoint risk-free!

    Get a live demo, free trial account, pricing information,
    or more details on Nextpoint.

    • Free, unlimited users
    • Free, unlimited secure data hosting
    • Free, unlimited productions/exports
    • Responsive, dedicated client-success team 

    Accelerate eDiscovery & Control Costs
  • Data Forensics Solution for Legal
    Ricoh USA

    The volume of electronically stored information (ESI) grows exponentially every day. Laptops, desktops, mobile devices, social media — you name it. As it does, it becomes increasingly difficult — and increasingly more important — for your firm to efficiently and effectively gather this evidence.

    To combat this challenge, turn to Ricoh’s Data Forensics Solution for Legal.

    Ricoh USA
  • Ricoh Multifunctional Products
    Ricoh USA

    Color adds impact to your documents. Ricoh's Aficio multifunction color copier systems offer stunning color copies and prints for any Law Office.  Ricoh offers printing devices that can be used to print, copy and scan.  Ask your Ricoh Representative about discounts that ABA Members receive and solutions to create workflow for cost recovery, document management, bate stamping and court filing.

    Ricoh Multifunctional Products
  • Workflow Solutions for Law Firms
    Ricoh USA

    You already have to keep up with changing cases, laws, and interpretations. Updating your workflows? Probably low on your list of priorities, even though it can make your job easier

    That’s why we’re here. Our Workflow Solutions for Legal can help you capture, transform, and access your information — anywhere, anytime you need it. Get back to practicing law, and leave the rest to us.

    Workflow Solutions for Law Firms
  • 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report: Mobile Lawyers (Vol VI)

    This survey volume addresses where, when, and how often attorneys are using mobile technology like smartphones and laptops. The volume begins with a trend report summarizing this year's notable results and highlighting changes from previous years.

    2013 Legal Technology Survey Report: Mob...
  • 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report: Executive Summary

    The 2013 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report: Executive Summary provides a thorough summary of the findings from all six of the 2013 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report volumes: Technology Basics, Law Office Technology, Litigation and Courtroom Technology, Web and Communication Technology, Online Research, and Mobile Lawyers.

    2013 Legal Technology Survey Report: Exe...
  • 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report: Combined Volumes I-VI

    The 2013 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report provides more than 650 pages of detailed statistics and trend analysis on the use of technology within the legal profession. Topics run the gamut from budgets and purchasing habits to the use of smartphones in the courtroom.

    2013 Legal Technology Survey Report: Com...
  • LegalServer

    With a multitude of features listed at www.legalserver.org, consider:

    * Simplifying user interaction with friendly & intuitive functionality
    * Attorneys spending more time on critical thinking to help people
    * Real time graphical and easily editable reporting
    * Easily modifying or enhancing case management application without needing technical skills
    * Proven methodology for conversion and data migration


    We’d be delighted to show how we can improve client interactions through LegalServer.  To request more information or to schedule a demonstration please visit https://www.legalserver.org/contact/



  • MyCase

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