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Trellis Research

AI-powered Judicial Analytics and Legal Intelligence for State Court Litigators

Trellis Research

Trellis builds legal intelligence and judicial analytics for law firms. We mine disappearing state trial court data, make it searchable and analyze it to give law firms AI-powered insight into the way judges are ruling. Litigators are able to "Google" search state trial court records and uncover key intelligence on opposing counsel as well. Trellis currently focuses on providing strategic legal intelligence to California practitioners and intends to launch in New York and other states in 2020.


  • Trellis Smart-Search Technology

    Search superior court records by keyword to learn how the courts, judges, and opposing counsel have handled similar matters in the past. Trellis leverages the largest and deepest set of context rich state trial court data so litigators can spend less time doing academic legal research, and more time gaining strategic insights. 


    With Trellis, State court dockets are searchable through a single interface. You are able to find similar cases filtered by parties, counsel, court, or matter type.  Gain valuable insights on how opposing counsel positioned issues in the past, as well.

    More Information » trellis.law/search

  • Trellis Judge Report

    Building the best case for your client means relying on more than anecdotes and emails to make strategic decisions. Trellis Judge Reports analyze millions of data points to give you a competitive advantage by showing you exactly how your judge rules on the most important pre-trial motions.


    Understand where your judge is an outlier, set your client’s expectations, and make data-backed decisions from the start of every case.  Quickly analyze whether you should "ding" your judge based on past rulings on similar matters.

    More Information » trellis.law/#judge-reports

  • Trellis Motion & Issues Library

    The Trellis Motion & Issues Library enables state court litigators to draft better motions.  Quickly learn about various motions and see common examples of state court judges ruling on those motions.  


    Research your legal issue quicklyand understand the threshold and elements of each claim.  Write better motions in less time by using prior rulings on a particular matter.

    More Information » trellis.law/ca/motion-type



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