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Digital WarRoom

Just, Speedy, and Inexpensive eDiscovery

Digital WarRoom

Digital WarRoom offers several DIY eDiscovery software subscriptions which will allow you to seamlessly process, review and produce documents either on your desktop or in the cloud. Cloud subscriptions cost between $10/GB/Month and $1/GB/Month while DWR Pro (on-premise) costs $1795/year. Digital WarRoom pricing is fully public and transparent with no hidden fees. Despite reasonable prices, customers of Digital WarRoom are pleasantly surprised by a comprehensive set of features which have been developed and iterated over more than a decade. Features include drag and drop processing, right click and mark, keyword search, advanced filtering, privilege log, redactions and a set of analysis tools to give you a holistic understanding of your data. The Digital WarRoom help desk consists of exclusively senior eDiscovery professionals who can answer one-off questions by email and offer included matter specific support via screen-share to train you and your team to be self-sufficient in conducting eDiscovery.


  • Digital WarRoom Private Cloud

    A private cloud is just what it sounds like, your firm's very own virtual eDiscovery environment for all matters and your entire team. This is a hosted option that scales with your practice, ideal for firms that tend to have several or more matters running at the same time. All matters, regardless of size will be combined into a single subscription of $2000/month for 500 GBs and $1/GB thereafter. Digital WarRoom private cloud comes with Management Console, a tool for litigation support managers to track billing metrics for their environment and request custom split invoices for any given matter.

    More Information » www.digitalwarroom.com/products/private-cloud?utm_...

    Digital WarRoom Private Cloud
  • Digital WarRoom Single Matter

    A cloud based eDiscovery solution for one or more users to complete a single matter without the long term commitment.

    $250 for 25 GBs, $10/GB thereafter. 1 user included. We will offer more economical pricing brackets as your matter exceeds 100 and 400 GBs.

    Single matter subscriptions offer the flexibility to go month to month and spin up individual matters as they present themselves. We will customize our training to help you meet your deadline. 

    More Information » www.digitalwarroom.com/products/single-matter?utm_...

    Digital WarRoom Single Matter
  • Digital WarRoom Pro

    A 100% on-premise, desktop eDiscovery application licensed to a single machine. This software application is fully functional, offering the same features as our hosted subscriptions for a low price of $1795/year/license. With DWR Pro, you can process, review and produce documents all on your own machine. An on-prem solution has added benefit of allowing you to keep all your client data under your firm's control. In some scenarios, we can help set up a DWR Pro environment to run with multiple concurrent users.

    More Information » www.digitalwarroom.com/products/pro-software?utm_s...

    Digital WarRoom Pro



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