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SharePoint, only better. Easy-to-use email & content management add-ons for Microsoft 365.


  • Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365

    Capture & auto-classify emails right from Outlook 365 to SharePoint & Teams.

    The SharePoint add-on lets you capture and auto-classify emails and attachments right from Outlook to SharePoint and Teams. The product automatically extracts metadata, enables seamless collaboration and content sharing, and ensures your users can quickly find information they're looking for.

    Benefits for end-users:
    * Easily file emails and attachments to SharePoint on-the-go with a familiar experience across devices.
    * Automatically extract metadata properties of emails and attachments or manually capture custom fields.
    * Search SharePoint content within Office 365’s native interface, without the need to switch apps.
    * Email SharePoint content as links for easy collaboration and file-sharing with their teams.

    Benefits for the law firms and legal departments:
    * Drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint as your system for records and knowledge ma...
    More Information » www.colligo.com/sharepoint-addons/microsoft-365/?u...

  • Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365

    Save & classify files to SharePoint right from Microsoft 365, even on mobile

    Colligo Office Connect for Microsoft 365 is a document management platform that helps businesses intuitively access SharePoint from within Microsoft 365.

    It enables staff members to handle operations on SharePoint while utilizing Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It enables team members to find content, collaborate on files, extract metadata, and more on a centralized platform.

    • Use sorting and filtering tools to quickly search SharePoint and find and open the files you need, without leaving the Office app you’re working in.
    • Navigate recent and favorite locations with ease. SharePoint views associated with your content are shown right in the Office apps when searching for or saving files. You can even create new a document set from the same interface.
    • Automatically extract metadata, with full support for customized fields based...
      More Information » www.colligo.com/sharepoint-addons/microsoft-access...

  • Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365

    Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 is a content management platform that enables businesses to utilize SharePoint and optimize productivity and knowledge management processes.

    It allows staff members to search, view, and share SharePoint files from within Microsoft Outlook. Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 boosts overall productivity by helping workers quickly browse and find the files they need.

    It enables users to collaborate on tasks by sharing links to the latest version of a file among team members. With the knowledge management module, employees can handle content capture operations and utilize metadata. 

    More Information » www.colligo.com/sharepoint-addons/content-manager/...

  • Colligo Briefcase

    Colligo Briefcase provides an iOS mobile application that enables businesses to access and manage operations on SharePoint via mobile devices. It allows staff members to collaborate on tasks, ensure secure content distribution, and generate analytics, whilst managing central policy requirements.

    Colligo Briefcase is available on iPad and iPhone and lets team members view into multiple repositories, such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and OneDrive for business from within a centralized location.

    More Information » www.colligo.com/sharepoint-addons/mobile-app/?utm_...

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