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Effortless Legal

Automate Your Billing

Effortless Legal

EffortlessLegal works with MANY billing platforms. WE ADD THE AUTOMATION!

EffortlessLegal saves you time, money, and hassle by automating your LEDES coding and billing review processes.

• Proven Results: Tested and proven for over one year in live law firm.
• Cloud-Based: Get your bills done from anywhere.
• Increased Efficiency: Substantially reduce the time it takes to do your bills.
• Smarter Billing: Learns the way you like your bills.
• Accurate: Complex algorithms ensure your bills are correct.
• Compatible: Works with many different billing and practice management platforms.
• Lightning Fast: Process an entire month of bills in minutes.
• Secure: Keeps your data safe with bank-grade encryption.

AUTOMATE YOUR BILLING!  Get started with your free trial today!  


  • LEDESAssist

    LEDESAssist automates your UTBMS coding. LEDESAssist completely eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of UTBMS coding. Some firms have their administrative staff complete this work. Others have their lawyers and paralegals code their own time entries. There is no need for any of that any more. Just like carbon paper and typewriters, manual LEDES coding is now the old way of doing things.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/ledesassist

  • BillerAssist

    BillerAssist automates your time entry and review process. BillerAssist takes the pain out of the time entry and review process. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, BillerAssist substantially reduces the amount of time and uncertainty involved in the billing review process. Just like carbon paper and typewriters, tedious billing review is now the old way of doing things.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/billerassist

  • BillerAssist LEDES Edition

    BillerAssist LEDES Edition completely eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of UTBMS coding. BillerAssist LEDES Edition also substantially reduces the time and effort required to log time entries, and to review bills for submission to clients. Just like carbon paper and typewriters, manual LEDES coding and billing review are now the old ways of doing things.
    The faster, cheaper, and better way is BillerAssist LEDES Edition.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/billerassist-ledes-edition

    BillerAssist LEDES Edition
  • GroupFund Legal

    GroupFund Legal is crowdfunding for lawyers. You'll have the ability to raise funds in a way that is confidential, private and secure.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/groupfundlegal

    GroupFund Legal
  • EffortlessIntake

    EffortlessIntake automates your client intake process. It includes automatic conflict checks, and sample intake questionnaires to make the task simple, efficient and tailored to meet your needs.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/effortlessintake

  • LEDESConvert

    With LEDESConvert, you can easily converts invoices from one LEDES format to another. The process is smooth and easy allowing you save time and money.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/ledes-convert

  • Legistee

    Many voice assistants listen all the time to everything you might be saying — even your confidential communications! Legistee keeps everything confidential and secure. Our process uses popular automated speech recognition services, such as those offered by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/legisteevoice

  • EffortlessBudget

    EffortlessBudget syncs Clio with Serengeti (Legal Tracker) for real-time budgeting insights and alerts. You'll be notified when you're nearing budget and the "always on" technology continuously monitors your billing.

    More Information » effortlesslegal.com/effortlessbudget



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