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Case management software for the modern law firm


Filevine is cloud-based case management with clean, intuitive design. It organizes and coordinates all aspects of a legal practice. With task management tools, shared calendars, billing with time-tracking and deadline chains, Filevine automates each stage of the workflow to allow attorneys to handle higher caseloads with greater efficiency.

Filevine’s first-to-market innovations include advanced communication and collaboration tools. Not only can clients access a portal to their case file, they can also send texts directly into it, ensuring their messages are answered promptly and securely archived. A secure e-signing tool allows clients to receive and sign documents with a selfie. Automatic document generation, hashtagging, and edit-in-place capabilities streamline and automate legal paperwork.

Filevine also features advanced reporting for firm management. In-depth analysis tools like Audit and Periscope clarify performance trends to guide management decisions.

As the most customizable case management platform, Filevine can fit any practice area or firm size. Learn about their latest innovations at www.filevine.com.


  • Case Management: from lead to settlement

    Filevine simplifies and speeds up each step in the case cycle. These case management tools ensure better collaboration within the legal team, timely communication with clients, and attention to deadlines. Filevine users handle higher caseloads with less stress.

    More Information » www.filevine.com/legal-case-management-software/?u...

    Case Management: from lead to settlement
  • Document Management: automate the paper-pushing

    With Filevine, documents are easy to create, edit, and find when you need them. Automatically generate new documents. Collaborate on them with your team members through cloud-based sharing. Edit in place with a Microsoft Office integration. Get forms signed quickly with e-signatures. Find any document through intuitive search tools. Keep them secure.

    More Information » www.filevine.com/legal-case-management-software/?u...

    Document Management: automate the paper-...
  • Workflow Automation: focus on your important work

    Don’t let an email inbox become your to-do list. Filevine’s user-friendly interface allows you to assign tasks, set automatic deadline chains, and prioritize your work.

    More Information » www.filevine.com/features/workflow/?utm_campaign=A...

    Workflow Automation: focus on your impor...
  • Client Texting: easy and secure communication

    Clients love to text. But receiving texts can be distracting, and if you fail to respond immediately the message can slip through the cracks. With Filevine, clients can text directly into their case file. This ensures prompt responses, fewer distractions, and a fully-documented line of communication.

    More Information » www.filevine.com/features/text-case-file/?utm_camp...

    Client Texting: easy and secure communic...
  • Reporting & Analytics: make data-driven decisions

    Filevine gives attorneys unprecedented access to their data. Make smart management decisions through automatic reporting. Customize reports to learn about staff performance, behavior trends in opposing parties, or financial returns by case type. 

    More Information » www.filevine.com/features/reports/?utm_campaign=AB...

    Reporting & Analytics: make data-driven...
  • Calendar & Deadline Management: never miss another deadline

    Your most valuable asset is your time. Spend it well with Filevine’s integrated, collaborative calendar. Automatic deadlines and deadline chains to ensure a case moves forward at the right time.

    More Information » www.filevine.com/features/deadlines/?utm_campaign=...

    Calendar & Deadline Management: never mi...
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