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Legal case management software as intelligent as your favorite expert witness.


Founded in 2007, CasePacer™ is a cloud-based legal case management software designed for personal injury and mass tort law firms. Featuring secure, anywhere, anytime access, CasePacer helps firms to streamline operations, communicate and collaborate with the right people at the right time, and capture, organize and track important case dates, contacts, expenses, and documents.

Workflows and ticklers, an intuitive interface, included document templates, prompt-based personalization and a Customer Success team experienced in personal injury law help firms connect CasePacer to their operations, processes and procedures. Built on AWS, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, CasePacer’s approach to organization, storage and back-up as well as data transfer and encryption helps keep data secure and firms operational. And case-based pricing means firms can have unlimited users working cases of all sizes, complexity, and duration and case expenses stay aligned with case cash flow.

CasePacer is specifically designed for law firms seeking a first class solution for mass tort case management software and personal injury case management software.


  • CP Link

    Tap into the power of your favorite file editing programs. CP Link will run in the background to sync your changes back to the cloud every time you hit save without any extra steps. No need to download documents, edit, and re-upload.

    CP Link
  • CP Direct

    Take your firm mobile with CP Direct — a white label app tailored for plaintiff law firms with secure client communication and push notifications.

    Branded with your logo and firm name, allowing 24/7 client intake using intelligent forms with criteria-based question sets for each plaintiff.

    More Information » casepacer.com/cpdirect

    CP Direct
  • CP Hub

    CP Hub is a secure connectoin that allows you to access documents using a friendly and familiar folder stucture right on your desktop.

    CP Hub
  • Document Management

    Take the hassle out of documents. No more time lost recreating documents. Start with one of more than 100 common templates that autofill pertinent case information. And with CPHub, navigation and editing is easy via a familiar file folder structure.

    More Information » www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X05mhMWWhQ

    Document Management
  • Intelligent Workflows

    Gain confidence that each case is getting the attention it deserves. By simply following the tasks, your team will be doing the majority of the case’s work with ease.

    CasePacer comes with more than 20 specialized component workflows, more than one hundred tasks and prompt-based personalization so you can get started working in it immediately after install.

    Intelligent Workflows
  • Case Intake

    Easy case intake gets your team to the right work at the right time. No matter what type of case you are working, relevant fields are dynamically available. Simply select your case type from the drop down and fill in the case details. You’ll get information specific to your case type throughout the case.

    Case Intake
  • Case Expense Tracking

    Know where the money is at all times. A quick look at Case Expenses will show you where your costs are and which expenses have been paid or unpaid. Choose from and record common expenses such as billable hours, copying, court, investigator, medical provider, police reports and more.

    More Information » www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAXJAaOL_Mo&t=2s

    Case Expense Tracking
  • Case Details

    Get important case details on one screen. Quickly and easily get up to speed with a summary of what occurred, a general description of injuries and more.

    Case Details


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