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  • AltFee

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    Product Features

    Hourly Billing Never Made Anyone Happy

    Scope and price specific client projects and maintain a record of priced projects

    Create a consistent approach with your value-based pricing, using our value modifiers

    Collaborate, share pricing experiences and make data-driven decisions with team members

    Create a client facing summary of scope exportable into an engagement letter or email

    Go from scoping and pricing a fixed fee client matter in AltFee to invoicing in Clio with just a few clicks

    Customizable pricing guidelines built by lawyers for lawyers



  • CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Seamlessly transfer any emails you receive in Outlook or Gmail (including attachments) right to a matter’s “Notes” tab in CloudLex—ensuring they live on alongside other vital case information in a single, centralized location that all team members can access.

    CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook
  • Digital Archiver
    CloudLex, Inc.

    With CloudLex®, you can digitally archive your closed matters with ease. CloudLex’s Digital Archiver eliminates the need for physical storage, while allowing you to store even more in the cloud. All information relevant to your closed cases, even digital correspondence (emails, notes, conversations), is housed on our secure and HIPAA compliant server hosted by Microsoft and can be accessed (or added to) at any time.

    Digital Archiver
  • Microsoft Office Online®
    CloudLex, Inc.

    CloudLex® has partnered with Microsoft to bring you comprehensive integration with MS Office Online-meaning you can make changes to your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, without ever having to leave CloudLex®. Any updates are reflected immediately, across all platforms and devices, so members of your team always have the most up-to-date versions of files. All you need is internet access and you can create, upload, and edit from anywhere, right alongside your colleagues, resulting in less time coordinating and more time collaborating.

    Microsoft Office Online®
  • CloudLex for Word
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Whether you’re on a plane or in a courthouse lobby, you’re not always going to have access to that coveted Wi-Fi signal-that’s where CloudLex for Word comes in. Once downloaded, CloudLex for Word shows up as a tab in Microsoft Word, enabling you to work offline just as if you were in the CloudLex® platform. Users can access files, make changes, create new documents, and save everything directly to CloudLex®, sparing your firm from hours of re-drafting, re-editing, and re-uploading.

    CloudLex for Word
  • App Integrator
    CloudLex, Inc.

    No longer do you have to switch back and forth between your most used legal apps, or suffer through multiple uploads on different platforms, because CloudLex® painlessly integrates with leading apps like iCal, Google Calendar, Google Drive, MS Exchange, Dropbox, and more. With the click of a button, you can automatically sync updates in CloudLex® with your other favorite legal apps, allowing for maximum collaboration and an even bigger time-savings for your firm.

     App Integrator
  • E-Signature
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Seamless integration of Adobe Sign and DocuSign with CloudLex provides a convenient and simple way to securely get signatures for your case documents via email and SMS. Get documents signed with great features, like sending, signing, storing, and tracking signature processes in real-time, anywhere, and any device.

  • Microsoft 365
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Seamlessly integrate CloudLex with your Microsoft 365 suite so that Outlook emails, firm-wide shared contacts, and calendars are auto-synced with CloudLex for collaboration.

    Microsoft 365
  • Expense Manager
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Add matter-specific expenses where they will be tracked and organized for whoever pays the bills. Authorized users can easily record outstanding liabilities and sync them with QuickBooks, ensuring that their upcoming expenses get paid on time.

    Expense Manager
  • Uber
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Book or schedule rides for your clients and other parties specific to a matter and easily track expenses.

  • Advanced AI Search
    CloudLex, Inc.

    CloudLex's Advanced AI Search provides AI-powered cloud search performance with simplicity to access and sort a greater variety of information quickly and accurately.

    Advanced AI Search
  • PDF Editor
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Simplify editing PDF documents by bringing everything you need within easy reach. Editing, adding or highlighting text, inserting e-signatures or images, re-arranging pages, cropping, advanced formatting, and organizing PDFs are made easy & flexible.

    PDF Editor
  • PracticeMaster
    Tabs3 Software

    PracticeMaster gives your firm more than Outlook. An electronic case file organizes each matter’s contacts, appointments, emails, documents, fees, and research – making all of the information easy to find. Your practice has never been so organized. It also integrates with our client relationship management software Tabs3 CRM, which you can use to track leads, grow prospects, and gain clients.


  • Intake Manager
    CloudLex, Inc.

    Clients are the lifeblood of any successful PI firm—but without a proper intake process in place, leads can be hard to track and easy to lose. CloudLex’s Intake Manager fixes that—it provides you with an effective process to attain and manage prospective clients so you can boost your firm’s revenue and your client’s satisfaction. And because Intake Manager is part of CloudLex’s robust legal cloud platform, the transition from potential lead to current client is seamless.

    Intake Manager
  • Referral Engine
    CloudLex, Inc.

    CloudLex’s Referral Engine is a collaborative network where you can both refer out matters and take on matters in conjunction with a growing community of plaintiff attorneys. Referrals are easy to setup and even easier to manage. Partner firms can communicate and share case information with each other securely-and without ever having to leave the app. And CloudLex® tracks all changes to your referrals automatically, so you’ll always be up to date on the latest developments as they happen.

    Referral Engine
  • Client Messenger
    CloudLex, Inc.

    With Client Messenger you can efficiently communicate with your clients and contacts from the convenience of CloudLex, instead of your personal cell. Send and receive texts in our centralized and secure platform for quick access to vital case info during your conversations and easy retrieval after.

    Client Messenger
  • Matter Manager
    CloudLex, Inc.

    This core application, included in all plans, is the hub of CloudLex®. It promotes collaboration through matter-specific communication tools, and is a one-stop shop for organizational needs like calendaring, document management, and the tracking of medical expenses. Through dashboard tools and targeted reports, it also allows higher-ups to effectively manage the progress of cases so that they can properly allocate resources to areas of need and stay ahead of potential problems.


    Matter Manager
  • Tabs3 Financials Software
    Tabs3 Software

    Tabs3 Financials software is specifically designed to meet the accounting requirements for law firms. Print financial statements, write checks, reconcile bank statements, and manage client trust accounts in an easy-to-use, fully integrated system.


    Tabs3 Financials Software
  • Tabs3 Billing Software
    Tabs3 Software

    Get your bills out quickly and easily with Tabs3 Billing Software. Customize statements and run insightful management reports. Accept credit card and ACH payments with Tabs3Pay, and get mobile access to Tabs3 with the Platinum Edition.

    Tabs3 Billing Software
  • Payroll

     - Enter and run payroll online in as few as two clicks
     - Award-winning, 24/7 U.S. based customer support and flexible services
     - Calculate, file, and pay payroll taxes accurately and effortlessly
     - 200+ compliance experts monitoring ever-changing laws and regulations
     - Paychex pays at least 1 in 12 U.S. private sector employees

  • HR Services

    Simplify Administration and Support Compliance

     - Proactive HR advice helps you focus on your business
     - Valued benefits help you attract and retain talent
     - Compliance support keeps you aware of laws and regulations
     - All-in-one HR technology simplifies employee management

    HR Services
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans and Administration Services

    Empower your employees and business when using retirement services to secure a more stable future with:

     - The nation’s top 401(k) provider¹ for industry-leading expertise
     - Flexible 401(k) plan and investment options to stay competitive
     - Fee transparency – clear pricing, no hidden fees

    401(k) Retirement Plans and Administrati...
  • Group Health Insurance

    A group health insurance policy makes sense now more than ever. You can:

     - Make healthcare affordable for employees and their families
     - Attract and retain quality employees
     - Enjoy tax savings

    Group Health Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Services

    Attract and retain the best talent with access to a cost-effective, comprehensive employee benefits package from Paychex. We can help you level the playing field against Fortune 500 companies, take time-consuming HR administrative responsibilities off your plate, and support you with seamless online employee benefits administration.

    Employee Benefits Services
  • Dragon Anywhere Mobile
    Nuance Communications, a Microsoft company

    Dragon Anywhere Mobile professional-grade mobile dictation allows users to create, edit, and format documents of any length and share information directly from a mobile device. This solution offers iOS and Android users cloud-based speech recognition to dictate continuously from anywhere—from a client or job site or on the road.

    Nuance Communications, a Microsoft compa...
  • Dragon Legal v16
    Nuance Communications, a Microsoft company

    Nuance Dragon Legal v16 is speech-recognition software developed for legal practitioners to increase productivity. Dragon Legal v16 empowers attorneys and staff to create briefs, contracts, and other documentation while saving time and money. Built with a specialized legal vocabulary, Dragon delivers optimal recognition accuracy up to 3x faster than typing.

    Nuance Communications, a Microsoft compa...
  • Dragon Legal Anywhere
    Nuance Communications, a Microsoft company

    Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere combines our AI-powered speech recognition engine with the security and convenience of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Trained using millions of words from legal documents to deliver optimal accuracy, Dragon Legal Anywhere empowers legal practitioners to dictate documents 3x faster than typing with up to 99% accuracy from virtually anywhere a stable internet connection exists.

    Nuance Communications, a Microsoft compa...
  • Remote Online Notarization
    Secured Signing

    Secured Signing Remote Online Notarization (RON) offers an easy to use, all-in-one solution built for all businesses and enterprise looking to notarize documents online, securely and efficiently.

    Secured Signing
  • Digital Signatures
    Secured Signing

    Secured Signing offers a digital signature solution that provides you and your signees with a convenient, tamper-proof digital document workflow.

    Secured Signing
  • Closing Folders

    Manage Closing Folders removes the manual, repetitive tasks from legal transaction management so you can focus on delivering value. Through intelligent automation and collaboration tools, Closing Folders helps you run deals with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and control.

  • Dedicated iOS & Android Mobile Apps
    CARET Legal

    Take your practice on the road and access matters from any location, at any time with native iOS and Android apps. Keep track of time on the go, scan business cards and documents and activate fingerprint recognition. 

    Dedicated iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  • Secure Client Portal
    CARET Legal

    Securely share sensitive information via Caseway™, CARET Legal's accessible, integrated client portal to ensure privileged information does not get intercepted. Stay top of mind with CARET Legal Signature™ iOS and Android apps that are branded with your firm’s logo. Give clients around-the-clock access to their case files from any device with internet access through CARET Legal Signature™ web portal.

    Secure Client Portal
  • Efficient Task Management
    CARET Legal

    Save time, encourage accountability and reduce error with CARET Legal's Task Management system. Create Task Templates and subtasks, receive alerts when deadlines are blown, set up email and SMS reminders and convert tasks to time entries.

    Efficient Task Management
  • Legal Calendaring
    CARET Legal

    Keep everyone in your firm on the same page while tracking important deadlines and appointments so you never miss a beat. Create color-coded, customizable categories, initiate 2-way sync with your CARET Legal calendar and Gmail, Outlook or Office 365 and set up rules-based calendaring.

    Legal Calendaring
  • Powerful Document Management & Document Automation
    CARET Legal

    Unlimited storage and document management to ensure all of your firm’s files are easily accessible by members of your team. Generate documents and correspondence with ease using information you have already entered in CARET Legal to save time and keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

    Powerful Document Management & Document...
  • Dynamic CRM
    CARET Legal

    Capture, track and cultivate leads so your firm can retain more clients and become more efficient with CRM.

    Dynamic CRM
  • Intelligent Email & Email Encryption
    CARET Legal

    Keep all case-related emails organized and avoid sending emails to the wrong recipients. Send encrypted emails, receive court-admissible proof of delivery and obtain e-signatures on legal documents through CARET Legal's exclusive integration with RPost.

    Intelligent Email & Email Encryption
  • Advanced Reporting
    CARET Legal

    Access comprehensive reports and key metrics with the click of a button. Download, export and print reports detailing timekeeper productivity, chart of accounts, P&L and three-way trust reconciliation. 

    Advanced Reporting
  • Robust Billing, Accounting and Time Tracking
    CARET Legal

    Bill more and have real-time intelligence into your firm’s financials with CARET Legal's built-in business and trust accounting system. Capture and bill for time over 11 different ways, create customized invoices, download bank account activity from over 5,000 bank and credit card institutions and get paid quickly with APX

    Robust Billing, Accounting and Time Trac...
  • Best-in-Class Matter Management
    CARET Legal

    Manage and track every aspect of every legal matter in a single platform. Customize matter views and access the audit log to get a 360-degree view of everything happening in your firm.

    Best-in-Class Matter Management
  • Ruby Mobile App
    Ruby Receptionists

    Ready to be freed from the confines of your office? With our app, all you need to run your business is Ruby
    and a cell phone. From setting your status to texting* from your business number, double the power of your
    personal device with the Ruby app.

    Ruby Mobile App
  • 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services
    Ruby Receptionists

    From answering and transferring calls to taking messages and placing outbound calls on your behalf, Ruby serves as an extension of your team, ensuring exceptional client experience while giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business, 24/7/365.

    We answer with your custom greeting, delight callers in English and Spanish, transfer calls through to you live when you’re available, take messages or offer voicemail when you’re not, collect intake, answer FAQs, make outbound calls, and more! Our powerful app gives you flexibility and information at your fingertips – while our receptionists make you look good.

    24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Live Chat Services
    Ruby Receptionists

    Capture more business with Ruby Full-Service Chat.

    You’ll be building loyalty with real people, ready to engage in real conversations, that are fully trained in the details of your firm. Anytime, anywhere, we’re ready to chat and connect with your clients. Ensure privacy that your business and your clients can count on with opt-in HIPAA compliant live chat services.   

    Live Chat Services
  • Fastcase Integration

    Clio is the only legal software that seamlessly integrates with Fastcase.

    Clio puts a leading legal research tool at your fingertips. Voted the most popular mobile app for lawyers two years running, according to the American Bar Association, Fastcase places an extensive national law library at your fingertips. It includes cases and primary law for all 50 states and comprehensive federal coverage.

    Fastcase Integration
  • Invoice Creation: Improve operational efficiencies.

    Reduce the overhead and expense related to month-end billing. Email invoice capabilities eliminate the need to physically mail invoices. It’s as simple as sending an email from Clio which includes a PDF copy of the bill and a secure payment link. The secure link allows clients to pay invoices independently, immediately.

    Invoice Creation: Improve operational ef...
  • Payments: Dramatically improve cash flow and reduce bad debt.

    Clio Payments turns uncertainty into certainty by helping you get paid easier and faster; right in the Clio app, or direct from your client. Law firms are able to process secure credit card payments without leaving Clio. No need to visit an external service, interact with a physical device, or manage an integration.

    Payments: Dramatically improve cash flow...
  • Mobile Apps: Complete access. From any device, anywhere.

    Access Clio’s full suite of features from your desktop, tablet, or mobile. Whether you use PC, Mac, iOS, or Android, Clio gives you peace of mind with bank-grade encryption and rigorous daily security audits.

    Mobile Apps:  Complete access. From any...
  • Time Tracking: Get paid faster.

    Track each moment spent on a case, create professionally designed bills in minutes, and take command of your firm’s finances. Clio integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero to streamline your billing and accounting processes.

    Time Tracking: Get paid faster.
  • Matter Management: Manage your cases with ease.

    Clio helps you organize your entire firm: structure workflows with dynamic tasks, schedule meetings, and share documents with your clients. Operating quickly and efficiently is easy when everything’s accessible in one place.

    Matter Management: Manage your cases wi...
  • Exclusive Legal Lead Generation
    Legal Brand Marketing

    Legal Brand Marketing offers exclusive leads in the below practice areas.

    • Bankruptcy
    • Criminal Defense
    • Drunk Driving Defense
    • Estate Planning & Probate
    • Family Law
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Personal Injury
    • Social Security Disability
    • Tax Debt
    • Traffic Accidents
    • Trucking Accidents
    • Workers Compensation
    • Wrongful Termination

    If you are interested in growing your practice or expanding to new practice areas, Legal Brand Marketing can customize a lead program that is right for you. Contact our team to get started growing your business today!

    Exclusive Legal Lead Generation


  • MyCase

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