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Better patents in half of the time

davinci is uniquely positioned to build the most reliable AI patent assistant. For 5 years we have built AI products for SAP, Airbus, or IBM, delivering 99,9% availability to tens of thousands of users worldwide, exceeding the security standard of customers such as the US Department of Defense, accumulating a unique experience in scaling what makes AI reliable - its data. We are a diverse and creative team of more than 50 people from the best AI and engineering universities and patent practitioners, operating in the USA (NYC) and Europe (Paris). We are well-funded, having raised $30M from among the best venture capitalists in the world. To build the best product, we have partnered with the most prominent IP law firms in the US and Europe. Join us!

At davinci, we see a future where the practice of Intellectual Property is revolutionized by artificial intelligence. The status quo is no longer sustainable. In this new era, IP professionals will collaborate intimately with AI, allowing them to focus on creativity and strategic thinking while AI handles tedious tasks. This collaboration is not just a possibility but an imperative, driven by the rapid pace of technological advancement and the increasing demands for efficiency and innovation in the IP field. Join us!



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