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Ruby Receptionists

Remote live receptionist service dedicated to creating real, meaningful connections with callers!

Ruby Receptionists

Meet Ruby, your 24/7 Virtual Receptionist and Chat Solution

Ruby delivers exceptional experiences to callers and website visitors, building trust and strong client relationships. Our highly trained virtual receptionists answer calls and chats live, 24/7/365, saving your firm time to focus on what they do best.

With Ruby® Receptionists, you get a team of customer experience experts devoted to building trust with every caller—making current and potential clients feel special while making you look good. Our friendly, professional live receptionists create great impressions with your English and Spanish-speaking callers to help set your firm apart. Ruby's solution provides:

  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Personalized call handling
  • Live call answering and transfers
  • Full service, Live Chat
  • Appointment scheduling, intake information collection, and answers to basic FAQs
  • Website lead qualification
  • Free phone number hosting (eliminate your phone bill!)
  • On the-go Mobile tools
  • Outbound call assistance
  • Robocall filtering
  • Bilingual service (English and Spanish)
  • HIPAA-compliant service
  • And more!

Our feature-rich mobile app empowers you to manage your service from anywhere, and Ruby integrates seamlessly with practice management tools Clio, MyCase, Rocket Matter, and Lexicata, streamlining your client communication.

Included with Ruby service is a phone number you can either forward your existing number to or publish as your business number. You're also welcome to port your existing number to us -- and save yourself the expense and the hassle of dealing with the phone company.And if we host your number, when you call out from the Ruby app on your cell phone, you can choose if the call identifies as coming from your cell number or from your business number -- helping you keep your professional image while maintaining ultimate flexibility. Get Ruby’s legendary live service, a business phone number, and a comprehensive suite of features for a fraction of the cost of an on-site hire.

For more information, visit us here, or call us at 844-311-7829.   


  • 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services

    From answering and transferring calls to taking messages and placing outbound calls on your behalf, Ruby serves as an extension of your team, ensuring exceptional client experience while giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business, 24/7/365.

    We answer with your custom greeting, delight callers in English and Spanish, transfer calls through to you live when you’re available, take messages or offer voicemail when you’re not, collect intake, answer FAQs, make outbound calls, and more! Our powerful app gives you flexibility and information at your fingertips – while our receptionists make you look good.

    More Information » info.ruby.com/ruby-partner/?utm_campaign=Partner%2...

    24/7 Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Live Chat Services

    Capture more business with Ruby Full-Service Chat.

    You’ll be building loyalty with real people, ready to engage in real conversations, that are fully trained in the details of your firm. Anytime, anywhere, we’re ready to chat and connect with your clients. Ensure privacy that your business and your clients can count on with opt-in HIPAA compliant live chat services.   

    More Information » info.ruby.com/ruby-partner/?utm_campaign=Partner%2...

    Live Chat Services
  • Ruby Mobile App

    Ready to be freed from the confines of your office? With our app, all you need to run your business is Ruby
    and a cell phone. From setting your status to texting* from your business number, double the power of your
    personal device with the Ruby app.

    More Information » info.ruby.com/ruby-partner/?utm_campaign=Partner%2...

    Ruby Mobile App


Ruby Fact Sheet
June 13, 2022 8:11pm



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