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CloudLex, Inc.

The Next-Gen LegalCloud® Built Exclusively For Plaintiff Personal Injury Law Firms


  • Matter Manager

    This core application, included in all plans, is the hub of CloudLex®. It promotes collaboration through matter-specific communication tools, and is a one-stop shop for organizational needs like calendaring, document management, and the tracking of medical expenses. Through dashboard tools and targeted reports, it also allows higher-ups to effectively manage the progress of cases so that they can properly allocate resources to areas of need and stay ahead of potential problems.


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    Matter Manager
  • Intake Manager

    Clients are the lifeblood of any successful PI firm—but without a proper intake process in place, leads can be hard to track and easy to lose. CloudLex’s Intake Manager fixes that—it provides you with an effective process to attain and manage prospective clients so you can boost your firm’s revenue and your client’s satisfaction. And because Intake Manager is part of CloudLex’s robust legal cloud platform, the transition from potential lead to current client is seamless.

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    Intake Manager
  • Client Messenger

    With Client Messenger you can efficiently communicate with your clients and contacts from the convenience of CloudLex, instead of your personal cell. Send and receive texts in our centralized and secure platform for quick access to vital case info during your conversations and easy retrieval after.

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    Client Messenger
  • Referral Engine

    CloudLex’s Referral Engine is a collaborative network where you can both refer out matters and take on matters in conjunction with a growing community of plaintiff attorneys. Referrals are easy to setup and even easier to manage. Partner firms can communicate and share case information with each other securely-and without ever having to leave the app. And CloudLex® tracks all changes to your referrals automatically, so you’ll always be up to date on the latest developments as they happen.

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    Referral Engine
  • Digital Archiver

    With CloudLex®, you can digitally archive your closed matters with ease. CloudLex’s Digital Archiver eliminates the need for physical storage, while allowing you to store even more in the cloud. All information relevant to your closed cases, even digital correspondence (emails, notes, conversations), is housed on our secure and HIPAA compliant server hosted by Microsoft and can be accessed (or added to) at any time.

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    Digital Archiver
  • Microsoft Office Online®

    CloudLex® has partnered with Microsoft to bring you comprehensive integration with MS Office Online-meaning you can make changes to your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, without ever having to leave CloudLex®. Any updates are reflected immediately, across all platforms and devices, so members of your team always have the most up-to-date versions of files. All you need is internet access and you can create, upload, and edit from anywhere, right alongside your colleagues, resulting in less time coordinating and more time collaborating.

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    Microsoft Office Online®
  • CloudLex for Word

    Whether you’re on a plane or in a courthouse lobby, you’re not always going to have access to that coveted Wi-Fi signal-that’s where CloudLex for Word comes in. Once downloaded, CloudLex for Word shows up as a tab in Microsoft Word, enabling you to work offline just as if you were in the CloudLex® platform. Users can access files, make changes, create new documents, and save everything directly to CloudLex®, sparing your firm from hours of re-drafting, re-editing, and re-uploading.

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    CloudLex for Word
  • App Integrator

    No longer do you have to switch back and forth between your most used legal apps, or suffer through multiple uploads on different platforms, because CloudLex® painlessly integrates with leading apps like iCal, Google Calendar, Google Drive, MS Exchange, Dropbox, and more. With the click of a button, you can automatically sync updates in CloudLex® with your other favorite legal apps, allowing for maximum collaboration and an even bigger time-savings for your firm.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/applications/legal-app-integrator...

     App Integrator
  • CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook

    Seamlessly transfer any emails you receive in Outlook or Gmail (including attachments) right to a matter’s “Notes” tab in CloudLex—ensuring they live on alongside other vital case information in a single, centralized location that all team members can access.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/applications/email-management-for...

    CloudLex for Gmail and Outlook
  • E-Signature

    Seamless integration of Adobe Sign and DocuSign with CloudLex provides a convenient and simple way to securely get signatures for your case documents via email and SMS. Get documents signed with great features, like sending, signing, storing, and tracking signature processes in real-time, anywhere, and any device.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/features/e-signatures/?utm_campai...

  • PDF Editor

    Simplify editing PDF documents by bringing everything you need within easy reach. Editing, adding or highlighting text, inserting e-signatures or images, re-arranging pages, cropping, advanced formatting, and organizing PDFs are made easy & flexible.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/features/pdf-editor-for-law-firms

    PDF Editor
  • Microsoft 365

    Seamlessly integrate CloudLex with your Microsoft 365 suite so that Outlook emails, firm-wide shared contacts, and calendars are auto-synced with CloudLex for collaboration.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/legal-cloud-software-demo/?utm_ca...

    Microsoft 365
  • Expense Manager

    Add matter-specific expenses where they will be tracked and organized for whoever pays the bills. Authorized users can easily record outstanding liabilities and sync them with QuickBooks, ensuring that their upcoming expenses get paid on time.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/legal-cloud-software-demo/?utm_ca...

    Expense Manager
  • Uber

    Book or schedule rides for your clients and other parties specific to a matter and easily track expenses.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/features/uber-for-attorneys/?utm_...

  • Advanced AI Search

    CloudLex's Advanced AI Search provides AI-powered cloud search performance with simplicity to access and sort a greater variety of information quickly and accurately.

    More Information » www.cloudlex.com/legal-cloud-software-demo/?utm_ca...

    Advanced AI Search
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